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Impactful Insurance Protection for the Individual & Business.

Not All Compensation Is Fair In The Industry


Some agencies start agents out at 40% ALP and some agencies are upwards of 95% or more ALP such as Family First Life. The longer one works at a poorly compensating company where owners are raking in the profits from the work you do, the more money you’re losing and the higher chance of a burnout.

Impactful Insurance Protection for the Individual & Business.

Captive Or Restrictive Insurance Companies


Some agencies will lock you into contracts or limit your product carrier options. This is certainly not for everyone and is particularly less appealing to a self-starter agent. Also, if you have less to offer this can result in less sales.

Impactful Insurance Protection for the Individual & Business.

The Career Killer: Poor Culture And Lack Of Long-Term Growth Potential


Some agencies have uninspiring or questionable leadership whether at the top of your management or just above. This can be one of the worst potential-limiters and career killers. Sometimes this lack of support causes agents who could have had promising careers to drop out of the industry all together.

Family First Life was founded in 2013 with the mission of being a forward thinking insurance company who believes that to serve clients the best you have to have the best agents. Along with needing to attract and create the best agents you must provide the best environment and compensation for those agents. At the core of Family First Life and particularly the Family First Life National family of agencies is that this is what we offer agents who qualify to be on our team.


Top of the industry compensation with Vested Renewals – We offer 95% or higher ALP to all agents starting out. This means our agents are motivated to want to stay and don’t feel handcuffed to the company. Your renewals are also vested from day one. We do not require the signing of a contract.


Non-Captive – We feel you should be with us because you want to be part of the team and culture of FFL, not because you are locked into a contract

Multi-carrier options – When agents are stuck only promoting one carrier they are truly held back from serving their clients best. We feel you should have access to many different carriers. We have nine top-rated carriers.

24/7 Agent Support – One thing unique about the FFL National brand is that we have a 24/7 hotline available to all our agents who are looking for help and assistance. Phones are manned by our top producers to help you grow and succeed. Remember earlier we mentioned 80% of agents feel undervalued. We realize that this limits and sometimes kills potential. Our agent support is second to none.

Fresh Leads – No “bait and switch.” We have a variety of lead vendors we work with and help align agents with a plan to achieve their career and financial goals

No Fees refreshingly straight-forward : No costs for Training. No costs for your back office. No costs for training events or the Annual Convention. Plus Free license training for new agents.


Work Remotely – We are a forward thinking company and create an environment to help you thrive in the decades to come.

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