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Are You A Hard-Working And Motivated Individual Looking For A Full-Time Or Part-Time Flexible Career Where You Can Potentially Set Your Own Hours And Comfortably Earn Six-Figures Or More ?

Whether you’re looking to change your career or looking to supplement your income part-time with something flexible that matches your needs, what you are about to read will be of great value and might make a major impact on your life.

You probably found this page because you are currently researching to find a job that can provide you and your loved ones a better life. Or maybe you already have decided that becoming part of the insurance industry is a smart move and are looking for the right team to work with. Regardless, here are some benefits of working in the insurance industry:

Set your own hours – Insurance is one of the very few jobs that allow you to set your own hours. You can work full-time, part-time, and around the schedule of your family and life obligations. As life changes over the years agents may change the hours they work and that is a huge draw.
Have a comfortable financially-secure life – Agents make their money in 2 main ways: The initial policies they sell and the annual renewals if their clients keep renewing those policies. This means that the more of a clientele you build up, the more of your income that will be from renewals. With hard work and good mentorship it is common for insurance agents to start earning sometimes twice or more what they earned in their previous career. According to Family First Life agents earn an average of $93,000 per year and agents that are above that earn upwards of six figures!
Most people who start in insurance come from professions just like yours – Agents come from all walks of life whether teachers, military, fitness, service industry or even right out of school. There is no rule as to where the most successful agents come from.
Job Security – Insurance is considered one of the careers that tends to be recession-proof. It is needed, it provides a great income, and is a growing industry!
It’s easy to get started – To get started in insurance requires you to become licensed. You can even get your training for the exam for free as seen below.
Impactful Insurance Protection for the Individual & Business.

We cover your licensing course expenses for free

The Family First Life National team for those matching our requirements provides FREE licensing course training for those interested in starting their career with Family First Life! This means you will be able to get your Life Insurance coursework through an accredited course and then will be reimbursed by us.

Start with Top of the industry compensation

Our agents enjoy some of the highest earning potential in the industry. This is part of our philosophy that has grown Family First Life rapidly across the United States.

NO Contracts & NO Fees

Some agencies will make you sign a contract locking you into working with them only. We believe you should be free to choose to work with us based on our culture and company, not by handcuffing you.

Many Insurance Options for your customers

We have 9 insurance carrier companies for you to find policies for your clients. This means you can truly provide your customers the best options and will lose less sales due to not being competitive.

24/7 Agent Support hotline

One thing unique about the FFL National brand is that we have a 24/7 hotline available to all agents looking for help and assistance. Phones are manned by our top producers to help you grow and succeed. Remember earlier we mentioned 80% of agents feel undervalued. We realize that this lack of support limits and sometimes kills potential. Our agent support is second to none.

Work Remotely

We are a forward thinking company and create an environment to help you thrive in the decades to come. You can build your career at home and find clients in all 50 states.



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