Aolat Akanni

Impactful Insurance Protection for the Individual & Business.

Aolat Akanni

Managing Director, Founding Partner,
Insurance Producer

+1 (301)708.1495


As registered nurse, Aolat Akanni has 25 plus years of dedicated service in the noble nursing profession, as a Midwife, Emergency Medical Services Nurse, and recently as a registered nurse coordinator at the prestigious George Washington University Hospital Transplant Institute. She has worked tirelessly to educate clients, patients and families on health promotion, disease prevention, and a healthy lifestyle.


Having worked in various hospital systems globally, Aolat has trained her sights on a critically needed form of care for the underserved in her community, disenfranchised families, by taking on a new role as a Licensed Insurance Broker. With her communication, teaching and leadership skills Aolat is utilizing her ability to educate clients, patients, families, students and staff on health issues, wellness and health promotion, and added Insurance Financial Solutions as poverty fighting tool that helps the disenfranchised create generational Wealth. Insurance is a natural path Aolat has chosen in service of her community needs.


Aolat has a Nursing and Midwifery Diploma from Ogun State of Nursing in Nigeria; an EMS Nursing Diploma, and double BSN in nursing and nursing management from Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland; and a Masters in Nursing from South University, Savanah, Georgia. To top off her accomplishments, Aolat is Licenced Insurance Producer, a position she holds dear as her life goal is to educate and impact her community with Financial Insurance solutions as a wealth building tool that creates generational wealth.

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